Abbatiale Notre Dame


   At the end of the XIIe century, Humbert III, Sire of Beaujeu founded  an abbey for the Order of Saint Augustine, the church of which would be used for the monastery, the parish and as a necropolis for the members of his family.

   Only the church survived the French Wars of Religion and the French Revolution. Dating from a period of transition. as a whole the building is

Romanesque: however the vaults across the central nave bays and choir are ribbed.

   Construction started in 1168 with the building being consecrated 1179. Notre-Dame (63 m long and 28 m wide at the transept) is topped with a 30 m bell tower. ln the XV century  the choir raised and relieved in the Gothic style.

   On the western fa├žade is a magnificent rose window dated 1175: it is one of the first recorded of the Romanesque period.

   At the southern end one capital of a lateral door giving access to the cloister boasts a mermaid with two tails.

   The inside is rich in sculpture: capitals, corbels and vault keys engraved with the arms of the Sires of Beaujeu, etc...

   The church was listed in the French Historie Monument inventory 1862: today it requires extensive repairs to safeguard it (first of ali the roofs). maintain its beauty and give it a new lease of life.


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